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Low Radiation

At Integrated Radiology, we use the latest equipment and technology with adaptive radiation for minimum exposure the latest technology.

It is our personal objective to ensure ALARA, (as low as reasonably achievable) radiation protocols are carried out on each patient. Furthermore C.T dose reduction technologies are used to minimise the dose to all patients. Radiation exposure is recorded and reported to ensure we meet International standards for low dose.

Use of Contrast Agents

You will be provided with an information sheet when you arrive at Integrated Radiology detailing the risks and benefits of the contrast.

This is then followed up by a brief questionnaire. The contrast will only be given once you give your permission to do so, which will need to be formally documented on the information sheet with your signature. If it has been recommended to you by the staff at Integrated Radiology that your scan requires contrast it is because the information obtained during a scan with the contrast may yield significantly more information. If a patient is uncomfortable with a needle to insert the contrast, then we can endeavour to perform the procedure without contrast.

All patients who have been administered contrast need to wait in reception for 15 minutes before leaving in case there is a small chance of a delayed allergic reaction. Patients not administered contrast may leave immediately. Once you leave the clinic, you may resume normal activities and diet.

Female Patients

If you are pregnant, or it is possible that you may be pregnant then a CT scan is usually not performed unless it is an absolute medical necessity to do so.


A radiologist will review the images and provide a formal written report. The report will be received by your doctor or health care provider within the next 24 hours. Please inform one of our friendly receptionists if you are going straight back to your doctor and we will mark your report as urgent. In some instances, your referring doctor will ask for films to be printed. These will be printed while you wait so you can take them back to your doctor with you for your follow up appointment.

Should a CD be needed please ask the Radiographer at the time of your procedure. Images and the doctors report will also be available online for your perusal. The images will be available within 24 hours with the report accessible after on week. You will have these personal reports for all future reference at follow up appointments. Please ensure that you make a follow up appointment with your referring doctor or health care provider to discuss your results.

  • Please bring to the clinic, any prior scans (e.g. X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, CT) and reports as these will assist the radiologist in assessing your condition.
  • If you have any further queries please call Integrated Radiology on (08) 6244 3344 – we are happy to help.
  • Please note that any referral for a scan is valid at Integrated Radiology, even if it has been written on a referral form from another radiology provider.

Whilst every effort is made to keep your appointment time, the special needs of complex cases, elderly and frail patients can cause unexpected delays. Your consideration and patience in these circumstances is appreciated.

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